Nava Graha Puja

The Vedic scriptures and the astrology scriptures prescribe various poojas to ward off the negative influence of the planets and to improve the benefic effects. Vedic poojas for the nine planets



Nakshatra Shanti Puja

Nakshatra shanti puja is performed every year on the birth nakshtra to give protection and better results throughout the year. Nakshatra puja comprises Ayushya homa (for longevity), Mrityunjaya homa (for good health and to get rid of chronic ailments), Navagraha Dosha/graha shanti puja, Sapta Chiranjeevi Puja/homa. Chiranjeevi means the person who never dies. Ashwatthama, Bali, Vyasa, Hanumanan, Vibhisana, Parshuramasch and Kripa are called as sapta chiranjeevi.



Kaal Sarp Yog Dosh Puja

The most important step in performing any kind of puja to rectify any dosh in a horoscope is to perform the chant of a Mantra specified to reduce the strength of that dosh and this chant amounts to a number of 125,000 in most of the cases.



Mahamrityunjay Mantra Puja

Maha Mrityunjaya Homam and Mantra Japa are dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is supposed to be the most powerful ritual for getting relief from severe Health problems of intense magnitude. This Puja is dedicated to Lord Shiva so that a person may be blessed with Health, Happiness and Good Fortune and get freed from all kind of miseries and troubles of life.



Gand Mool Nakshatra Puja

Nakshatra have very profound effect on almost each and every aspect of our Lives including Health, Wealth, Constitution of our Body, Our Nature as well as our Overall Well Being as per Hindu Vedic Astrology. Even the Dasha Periods are also calculated on the basis of the Nakshtra in which the Moon was placed at the time of our Birth and we all are very well aware of the effects of Dasha and Antar Dasha on our Lives.



Pitra Dosha

The puja will include Pitra Aradhana, mantra jaap, tarpan, food to 8 Brahmins, donation to Brahmins (clothes & money), feeding of cows, dogs, crow and beggars to appease to an individual's manes. Pitra Dosh Nivaran P -more


Sade Sati

Sade sati which literally means seven and a half is the 7½ years long period of Saturn (Shani), entering the zodiac sign as per the moon rashi. Shani takes 30 years to traverse all the 12 rashis. He stays 2 and ½ years in one 'rasi' or moon sign. The effect of Sadesati will continue while Saturn transits through the one sign before the moon-sign and one sign after the moon-sign



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